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The powder brush is a large brush, made of beech wood and vegan fibers to apply la Terre flawlessly to the entire face, and allows you to harmoniously diffuse the powder.

Crafted with beautifully beech wood, developed in Osaka following the tradition of Kaizen - a Japanese term meaning 'change for the better'. 

Powder formulas
Flawless application
Super soft
Gives the perfect finish
We advise you clean your brushes every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on their use, with water and normal soap. Allow them to dry with the hairs facing down, to avoid water running into the wooden part of the brush.
Delivers a soft and and even application.
La Bouche Rouge is reintroducing the beauty world to artisanal tradition and French craftsmanship. The vision is to create luxury that makes life more beautiful as well to fight the use of plastic with luxurious and refillable leather cases made from upcycled leather offcuts. Each ingredient with La bouche rouge is carefully selected on quality, efficacy, origin, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products. Uncompromising, the Maison thus obtains powerful serums, as clean as they are performant.
Beech wood and vegan fibers

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