Sitre Intimate Care
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6 products

Born in Denmark, Sitre redefines intimacy with a transparent, inclusive approach suitable for all sexualities, ages, genders, and bodies. Their mission intertwines high-quality products with genuine narratives, celebrating pleasure and respect in every aspect.

Their collaboration with Denmark's clean skincare experts ensures a pioneering approach to skincare. They embrace simplicity, avoiding unnecessary or harmful additives. This philosophy results in allergy-friendly, vegan products free from glycerin, perfume, or parabens. Sitre stands for more than just skincare; it represents a movement towards a healthier, more honest approach to both skincare and intimacy.

    6 products
    Sitre Oil Pleasure Boost CBD
    Oil Pleasure Boost
    Sitre Water-based Gel
    Water-based Gel
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    Sitre Oil Care & Intimacy
    Oil Care & Intimacy
    Sitre Shower Care
    Shower Care
    Massage Candle Night Touch
    Sitre Silicone Gel 150ml
    Silicone Gel
    from €16,00