Mother's Day Blos
122 products


122 products

Every day, we should take time to appreciate those who have had a positive impact on our lives, whether they are mothers, stepmothers, sisters, friends, grandmothers, aunts, or teachers. However, on May 12th, we have a special opportunity to go above and beyond to show them how much we care. That's why we've put together a list of the best ways to say "thank you" and "I love you" to the special women in our lives who have raised us, nurtured us, taught us, and supported us through thick and thin.


    122 products
    FRAMA Hand Cream Tube Apothecary Blos shop
    Hand Cream Tube Apothecary
    Aloïse Hydrating Floral Mist Blos shop
    Hydrating Floral Mist
    Le Rub zonnecrème Everyday Sunscreen
    Everyday Sunscreen
    Le Rub
    Aloise Super Glow face oil
    Super Glow Face Oil
    Body Butter
    Susanne Kaufmann
    F. Miller Body Oil Lichaamsolie
    Body Oil
    F. Miller
    Bodha Smokeless Incense Refresh Blos shop
    Smokeless Incense Refresh
    La Bouche Rouge Satin Lipstick Refill Blos shop
    Satin Lipstick Refill
    La Bouche Rouge
    Susanne Kaufmann Moisturising Mask Blos shop
    Moisturising Mask
    Susanne Kaufmann
    La bouche rouge Refillable Leather Lipstick Case Black Blos shop
    Refillable Leather Lipstick Case
    La Bouche Rouge
    La Bouche Rouge Matte Lipstick Refill Blos shop
    Matte Lipstick Refill
    La Bouche Rouge
    Rms beauty Eyelights Cream Eye Shadow Blos shop
    Eyelights Cream Eye Shadow
    RMS Beauty
    Body Scrub Mitten With Red Detail
    Sold Out
    Tan-Luxe Super Glow Blos shop
    Super Glow
    Jade Roller
    Susanne Kaufmann Bath For The Senses 500ml Blos shop
    Bath For The Senses
    Susanne Kaufmann
    from €30,00
    Susanne Kaufmann Glow Mask Blos shop
    Glow Mask
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Rose Quartz Roller
    La Bouche Rouge Bronzer Refill La Terre Blonde Blos shop
    Bronzer Refill
    La Bouche Rouge
    Leather Compact Case Camel Blos shop
    Leather Refillable Compact Case
    La Bouche Rouge
    Massage Brush
    Dry Brush with handle
    from €24,00
    Susanne Kaufmann Pomegranate Body Oil Blos shop
    Pomegranate Body Oil
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Susanne Kaufmann Herbal Whey Bath Blos shop
    Herbal Whey Bath
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Sold Out
    Pauline Rochas Le Quatrieme Parfum Blos shop
    Le Quatrieme Parfum
    Pauline Rochas
    Tata Harper Crème Riche
    Crème Riche
    Tata Harper
    Savons Gemme Gold in Quartz Blos shop
    Gold in Quartz Soap Stone
    Savons Gemme
    Pink Iris Natural Perfume
    Pink Iris
    Pauline Rochas Le Troisieme Parfum Blos shop
    Le Troisieme Parfum
    Pauline Rochas
    F. Miller Face Oil Blos shop Gezichtsolie
    Face Oil
    F. Miller
    Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence 125ml Blos shop
    Hydrating Floral Essence
    Tata Harper
    from €81,00
    Binchotan Charcoal Face Scrub Towel Blos shop
    Charcoal Face Scrub Towel
    Gift Card by Email
    from €10,00
    Selahatin Escapist Mouthwash Blos shop
    Escapist Mouthwash
    Sale price €15,00
    Regular price €26,00
    Body Wash Bergamot & Hinoki
    Salt & Stone
    from €39,00
    Susanne Kaufmann Body, Face & Scalp Wash Blos shop
    Body, Face & Scalp Wash
    Susanne Kaufmann
    Marie Stella Maris Hand Soap 250ml Blos shop
    Hand Soap
    Marie Stella Maris
    from €19,00
    Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser 500ml Blos shop
    Body Cleanser Chamomile, Bergamot & Rose
    Grown Alchemist
    from €32,00
    Grown Alchemist Age Repair Hand Cream Blos shop
    Age-Repair Hand Cream
    Grown Alchemist
    Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel