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Spoiled myself with some Blos me- time and just wanted to let you know how happy that makes me!


Thank you so much for your service Blos! Because of my difficult skin, I had many questions and Kim took the time to call me and discuss a beauty plan. Now 4 months later, my skin is clear and glowy. I couldn't be happier!


Just wanted to let you know that I'm always so happy with my Blos packages. They are so beautiful and thank you so much for the samples.

Brussels, Belgium

The best beauty shop in the world! I love your selection, I love your advice and I love your advice.

Paris, France

I have combination skin that's drier during the winter months, and I struggle with shine in the summer. Thank you so much for helping my Skin Blos


Wow, you guys are fast!

Very happy with my products and your beautiful wrapped packages are sustainable. Love that!

Berlin, Germany