How to find your skin type

Products formulated for your skin type offer the best chance of giving you the results you want. Follow these simple steps to determine which type of skin you have and learn which types of products are right for you.

1 - Wash your face

Remove your make-up and wash off all oil and sun protection so your skin can start fresh.

2 - Wait for a few hours

Do not apply any products and let your skin return to its natural state.

3 - Determine

Although everyone’s skin is unique, there are 4 primary skin types. If you're unsure about your skin type, we advice you to visit our shop where an expert can help you.


Skin feels tight and may have flaky areas. Your best friend is moisturizer.


No signs of flaking or oiliness. Skin feels smooth.


Skin looks shiny and may feel slick to the touch. You're no stranger to breakouts.


Skin has an oily T-Zone and is normal to dry everywhere else.

Besides your skin type, your skin can have special concerns.

Sensitive skin
Aging skin
Hyperpigmented skin
Couperose skin
Acne prone skin
Dehydrated skin
Dull skin

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