Brows can give a lustrous dimension to beautifully frame the face.
12 products


12 products

Well-defined brows can illuminate your features, adding a dynamic depth that frames your face beautifully. With the strategic use of the right makeup, you can accentuate this natural canvas, revealing an elevated and polished version of your beauty.
    12 products
    Lash & Brow Serum
    Ecobrow Defining Crayon Blos shop
    Defining Crayon
    EcoBrow Defining Gel Blos shop
    Defining Gel
    Ecobrow Defining Wax Sharon
    Defining Wax Sharon
    Ecobrow Defining Wax Penelope
    Defining Wax Penelope
    Ecobrow Defining Wax Marilyn
    Defining Wax Marilyn
    La bouche rouge Eyebrow Serum Gel Blos shop
    Eyebrow Serum Gel
    RMS Beauty Back2Brow Blos shop
    La bouche rouge Eyebrow Pencil Blonde Blos shop
    Eyebrow Pencil
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    In Frame Brow Gel
    Ilia Beauty In Full Micro-Tip Brow Pencil Blos shop
    In Full Micro-Tip Brow Pencil
    Ecobrow Micro Line Pencil Light Blos shop
    Micro-Line Pencil