Parfum Extrait

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100% Natural Parfum Extrait. Highly concentrated and rich in therapeutic-grade essential oils, this alcohol-free format is silky smooth on the skin. In a travel-friendly 7ml bottle, dab on pulse points for a restorative scent ritual in your day.

Available in 7 scents:

  • White Vetiver - for energy 
  • Golden Neroli - for balance
  • Cyan Nori - for joy 
  • Cobalt Amber - for comfort 
  • Green Cedar - for vitality 
  • Pink Iris - for calm
  • Grey Labdanum - for strength 
your daily wellness ritual
Lasts all day
Apply to pulse points for a nourishing scent experience.
The scents can have an incredible impact on our mood and sense of wellbeing.
Abel Odor’s simple goal is to create the world’s first natural perfume using the finest non-synthetic ingredients. Founded by New Zealander and former winemaker Frances Shoemack, Abel is named after Abel Tasman - the first European to discover Frances’ home country back in 1642. Their five natural, vegan-friendly Eau de Parfums use mostly certified organic raw ingredients to create unique scents that are designed to evolve on the skin. Frances collaborated with renowned master perfumer Isaac Sinclair to create the scents, sourcing some of the most rare, expensive and exquisite ingredients nature has to offer. Kinder to the earth, your skin and the people around you, every one of Abel’s 100% natural fragrances has been designed with considered care and craft.

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