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Pack of Five Cotton Cloths

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This boxed set of five allows you a beautiful fresh one each day. They add to the moment of self-care and the pause for peacefulness which is at the heart of the Votary multi-sensory experience.

A crucial part of the Votary 3 step routine, they’re brilliant multi-taskers.

‘I’m really passionate about cleansing with face cloths. It’s my secret cleansing tool! Some of the biggest skin concerns people have are as a result of not cleansing skin properly. Cleansing with a Votary face cloth means every trace of dirt is lifted.’

All skin types.
Gently cleanses and exfoliates.
Box contains five 100% pure cotton terry face cloths – hypoallergenic, breathable and soothing on all skin types. Gentle and non-irritating on sensitive and delicate skin.
Votary’s luxurious products harness the natural power of plant oils and active ingredients to give you beautifully healthy skin. Founded by Arabella Preston and Charlotte Semler, Votary fuses modernity, simplicity and beautiful skin. The Super Seed Cleansing Oil and The Rose Maroc and Sandalwood Facial Oil are the ones to watch.
100% Cotton.

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