Leather Refillable Compact Case

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Leather Refillable Compact Case

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Developed in France from the final meters of the existing leather production from the prestigious Tanneries du Puy in France.

It is a precious object, infinitely refillable, and designed without plastic. The fine leather compact case can house all La bouche rouge's powders and shadows.

The saddle stitch on the fine leather compact cases is La bouche rouge’s artisan signature.

Powder and shadows
To refill Le Poudrier, gently insert a small, pointed object, such as a needle, into the hole hidden at the back of the compact case. Apply light pressure until the powder refill pops out. Place the new refill inside, lightly pressing upon it until it clicks into place.
La Bouche Rouge is reintroducing the beauty world to artisanal tradition and French craftsmanship. The vision is to create luxury that makes life more beautiful as well to fight the use of plastic with luxurious and refillable leather cases made from upcycled leather offcuts. Each ingredient with La bouche rouge is carefully selected on quality, efficacy, origin, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products. Uncompromising, the Maison thus obtains powerful serums, as clean as they are performant.

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