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Experience skin transformation with The Glow Master Elixir, a luxurious blend of the finest oils sourced from around the globe. This expertly crafted elixir nourishes, soothes, and rejuvenates your skin, harnessing the power of potent antioxidants, botanical actives, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. With ingredients like broccoli seed, prickly pear seed, pomegranate seed, seabuckthorn, and rosehip oils, this blend works harmoniously to smooth, regenerate, and enhance moisture retention while accelerating cell turnover. The outcome? A radiant, rosy complexion that's deeply nourished and positively glowing.


Sensitive skin
Dry skin
Oily skin
Normal skin
Combination skin
Dull skin
As an intensive active ingredient care: After cleaning, massage four to five drops of Master Elixir over the floral essence onto the damp face, neck and décolleté.

As an intensive eye treatment: tap two to three drops of Master Elixir on the sensitive skin around the eyes. Pro tip: If your skin needs extra moisture, mix Master Elixir in the palm of your hand with Floral Essence to form a light emulsion and apply it like a normal cream after cleansing.

As a mask: Mix a few drops of Master Elixir with a teaspoon of Cleansing Clay and a teaspoon of Floral Essence to form a moisturizing, skin-smoothing mask.

As a hair oil. Put two or three drops in the palm of your hand and work the oil into the lengths and dry tips after washing.
The intensive active ingredient serum is a game changer in your skin care. Broccoli seed, prickly pear, pomegranate seed and wild rose oil smooth the skin, alleviate dryness and wrinkles, prevent inflammation, reduce irritation and thus ensure a radiant, even complexion. Sea buckthorn pulp oil provides valuable fruit acids, clarifies the complexion and boosts collagen production. Neroli oil has an antibacterial and stimulates the blood circulation.
With the publication of “The Glow” in 2015, a German-language do-it-yourself cosmetics recipe book modeled on the simplicity of chef Jamie Oliver’s approach to food, beauty maven Anita Bechloch launched an omnichannel brand that reinvented natural cosmetics by making it accessible. The Glow Essentials is a very minimalist series that offers everything the skin needs. If you mix products with each other, you get new ones like a uniform you rearrange time and again.
Macadamia oil, broccoli seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, evening primrose oil, pomegranate seed oil, wild rose oil, sea buckthorn pulp oil, rosemary extract, vitamin E, essential oils of neroli, geranium and bergamot.

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