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The Susanne Kaufmann hand soap cleans gently and protectively without drying out the hands.

Valuable wheat germ oil, aloe vera and active ingredients derived from the horsetail plant pamper the severely stressed skin of the hands. It leaves behind skin that feels velvety smooth and tender. The tensides in the hand soap are obtained from sugar. They are especially skin-friendly and PH-neutral. The cleaning substances are biodegradable and have been obtained from renewable resources.


Normal skin
Combination skin
Dry skin
Oily skin
Exceptionally skin friendly
PH neutral
Cleanses without drying out your hands
For the daily cleaning of the hands. Because of its natural ingredients, it may become slightly cloudy.

This soap is worth every cent. The rich formula helps restore natural moisture in the hands. It's the ideal skin-friendly soap for the entire family.

Born and raised in the Bregenzer Forest – a unique valley in the Alps, where the community shares a unique appreciation and understanding of the healing properties of nature – Susanne Kaufmann has harnessed this centuries-old wisdom, passed down from generation to generation, to create an exceptional, results-orientated and scientifically-proven range of natural skin and body care that promotes a powerful sense of wellbeing. Developed in collaboration with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, Susanne’s vision has grown into an extensive collection of skin-specific formulas – targeted treatments designed to address the full spectrum of common skin concerns and in turn, help to re-establish equilibrium.

Aqua (Water):

The natural, spring water is filtered through a special water treatment system that cleans, energises and mineralises the water. It is a good solvent for many raw materials.

Sodium C14-C16 Olefin Sulfonate:

Plant-based washing substance from coconut oil.

Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate:

An emollient with moisturising effect. Excellent thickening properties. Produces a pleasant sensation on the skin.

Pentylene Glycol:

The organic compound serves as a humectant and moisturiser and has an antibacterial effect.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine:

Very pure, highly concentrated sugar surfactant from coconut. It is a foaming mild cleanser. It has a very good skin compatibility and a soothing effect. Unlike conventional surfactants, it is easily biodegradable.


It is present in all waxes and oils. It attracts water to the skin and supports cell regeneration. We only use plant-based glycerin.

Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride:

Plant gums are polysaccharides of natural origin that are capable of increasing the viscosity of a solution, even at very low concentrations. Supports the formation of emulsions, improves emulsion stability and contributes to an even distribution.

Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil:

Wheat germ oil has a high proportion of valuable vitamin E. It has an antioxidant, fights free radicals and builds on the protection of the skin cell. It improves skin texture and helps to prevent skin aging.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder:

Aloe vera is one of the gentlest and best skin moisturisers. It protects the skin, repairs damages, soothes, cools, revitalises and has healing properties. Aloe vera has mild UV shielding properties.


Plant derived carbohydrate that helps emulsify and improve emulsion resistance. Serves as a moisturising factor and is very nourishing.

Equisetum Arvense Extract:

Horsetail is one of the oldest plants on earth. Silica is an important component, which accounts for up to twelve percent of the plant. It has a firming impact on the connective tissue. The horsetail extract tightens the skin and improves blood circulation. It also acts astringent and therefore has a positive effect on inflamed and blemished skin.

Coconut Acid:

A nourishing and cleansing emulsifier derived from coconut oil.

Sodium Benzoate:

Sodium benzoate is the salt of benzoic acid, which occurs naturally in cranberries, prunes, cinnamon and apples. It is used as a natural preservative.

Sodium Chloride:

Sodium chloride is an organic product and is used as a preservative.

Parfum (Fragrance):

Fragrance with very low allergenic potential and no preservatives.

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