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The Deodorant Roll-on by Susanne Kaufmann is a refreshing, aluminium-free botanical gel deodorant, developed to condition skin and keep odours at bay. Formulated to nourish and care for the delicate underarm skin.


Soothes irritation
Roll over the underarm area after showering or bathing. Reapply whenever required.
The deodorant features an antiperspirant-free botanical blend, powered by sage, to provide antibacterial benefits and keep odours at bay without the need for harmful chemicals. Sustainable upcycled barley helps to soothe irritation, protect sensitive skin and provide long-lasting skin benefits.
Born and raised in the Bregenzer Forest – a unique valley in the Alps, where the community shares a unique appreciation and understanding of the healing properties of nature – Susanne Kaufmann has harnessed this centuries-old wisdom, passed down from generation to generation, to create an exceptional, results-orientated and scientifically-proven range of natural skin and body care that promotes a powerful sense of wellbeing. Developed in collaboration with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, Susanne’s vision has grown into an extensive collection of skin-specific formulas – targeted treatments designed to address the full spectrum of common skin concerns and in turn, help to re-establish equilibrium.
Aqua (Water):

The natural, spring water is filtered through a special water treatment system that cleans, energises and mineralises the water. It is a good solvent for many raw materials.

Alcohol Denat. (SD Alcohol 38-B):

Ethyl alcohol denatured with camphor crystals. It acts as a penetration enhancer for ingredients.

Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Water:

Sage leaf water promotes blood circulation, regulates sebum production and clarifies and energises the skin for a healthy, renewed complexion.


It is present in all waxes and oils. It attracts water to the skin and supports cell regeneration. We only use plant-based glycerin.

Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside:

Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside is a particularly mild and well-tolerated surfactant based on sugar and fatty alcohols of vegetable origin.

Hordeum Vulgare Extract:

Barley extract helps to maintain skin hydration and support overall skin health. It reduces redness and rebalances irritated skin.

Chondrus Crispus Powder:

Irish moss powder has anti-allergic properties and has a cooling, moisturising and soothing effect on the skin.

Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil:

Sage oil promotes blood circulation, regulates sebum production and clarifies and energises the skin for a healthy, renewed complexion.

Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate:

Sodium caproyl/lauroyl lactylate is a naturally derived mixture of sodium salts from two fatty acids with emulsifying and mild antimicrobial properties.

Polyglyceryl-3 Caprylate:

Polyglyceryl-3-caprylate is a natural cosmetic emulsifier that contributes to a better and softer skin feel. It reduces odour-causing bacteria while being non-irritating to the skin.

Xanthan Gum:

Xanthan gum is a fermentation product and is created by natural microorganisms on the basis of sugar-containing substrates. It is used as a natural emulsifier and has a good skin compatibility. In addition it has a tightening effect.


Vitamin from the group of B vitamins (provitamin B5). It is considered as very compatible and is used in products for sensitive baby skin and it plays an important role in the skin's metabolism. Supports the formation of new skin cells and has strong regenerative properties.

Citric Acid:

Citric acid to adjust the pH and moisture retention factor.


Propenediol is made from corn starch and is 100% natural. It is a novel ingredient that is used as a surfactant in cosmetics and has an antimicrobial effect. Our propenediol has the ability to bind water. This property means that the skin is supplied with moisture. The skin is not only better moisturized, it also has a much more radiant feel and feels well-groomed. Due to its natural nature, our propanediol is not only a compatible moisturiser, but also ensures that we can do without harmful preservatives.

Triethyl Citrate:

Triethyl citrate is produced by fermentation of ethanol and natural citric acid. It is used in cosmetics as a solvent and is also an excellent active ingredient for deodorants with great skin care properties.

Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate:

Product of glutamine and coconut fatty acid.

Glyceryl Caprylate:

Glyceryl caprylate is a co-emulsifier produced from vegetable oils. It is used for product stabilisation and helps to regulate the skin's oil and moisture levels.

Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate:

Polyglyceryl-6-oleate is an emulsifier made from vegetable oils and is used for product stabilisation. It leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.


Glucose is also often called dextrose and is a true energy supplier. It can moisturise the skin throughout the day and ensures a fresh appearance.

Sodium Benzoate:

Sodium benzoate is the salt of benzoic acid, which occurs naturally in cranberries, prunes, cinnamon and apples. It is used as a natural preservative.

Sodium Surfactin:

Sodium surfactin is a biosurfactant that consists of amino acids and fatty acids. It has an emulsifying, gel forming and cleansing effect.

Potassium Sorbate:

Potassium sorbate is a natural preservative. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms in cosmetic products.

Parfum (Fragrance):

Fragrance with very low allergenic potential and no preservatives.

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