Massage Candle Night Touch

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The Sitre Night Touch Massage Candle was created with the aim of enhancing intimate moments through a unique fusion of scent and touch. By combining the sensual and earthy scent with the warm, melted wax, Night Touch creates a multi-sensory experience that invites a deeper connection to oneself and perhaps a partner.


The warm oil has a relaxing effect and is perfect for making the muscles relax completely, so that the body and mind can disconnect and be in the present. The experience, the scent and the physical contact all help to promote the love hormone oxytocin, which triggers a feeling of attachment. The act itself helps to create a new depth to the emotional connection, either with oneself or with a partner.
Night Touch care for body and soul, taking intimate wellness to a new level.
Night Touch is a scented candle with earthy, natural, wild and sensual notes. The candle fills the room with the atmospheric and genderless scent while the wax is transformed into a natural moisturising and nurturing massage oil with ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. When you want to use the oil, you simply blow out the flame and then wait until the oil has the right temperature.
Born in Denmark, Sitre redefines intimacy with a transparent, inclusive approach suitable for all sexualities, ages, genders, and bodies. Their mission intertwines high-quality products with genuine narratives, celebrating pleasure and respect in every aspect.

Their collaboration with Denmark's clean skincare experts ensures a pioneering approach to skincare. They embrace simplicity, avoiding unnecessary or harmful additives. This philosophy results in allergy-friendly, vegan products free from glycerin, perfume, or parabens. Sitre stands for more than just skincare; it represents a movement towards a healthier, more honest approach to both skincare and intimacy.

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