Sample Kit - Normal Skin

Sample Kit - Normal Skin

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Sometimes you just want to try, feel or smell it first. 

That's why we developed this sample service. We'll select the samples according to the skin concern you selected. Manufacturer directions, ingredients and specifications may not be listed on the hand-made custom sample packaging. Please check our website for specifications. This service is meant for you to be able to test our products, we fill up sample containers/pouches to an amount with which we feel you will have enough of the product to try it at least once.

What's inside?

1. Cleanser
2. Day Cream
3. Eye Cream
4. Night Cream
5. Treatment for a specific concern (serum/ oil/ mask)

If you are not sure what skin type you are, you can visit our Skincare Menu

We realize that the sample kit isn’t a bargain, we put a lot of time and effort in sampling so you’ll find the perfect product. Samples cannot be returned and the sample kit fee service is non-refundable. Sample Kits are made to order and require 1 week processing time. Please take note that a Sample Kit can slow down your order.

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