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Le Premier Parfum

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For the “Sense and Sensibility” in you.

EFFECT: Security, survival, self-preservation and stability. Trust that you are supported.

ELEMENT: Earth. Be grounded.

GEMSTONE: Hematite.



Go back through time to the origin of your existence. Rediscover your ancestors’ connection to the earth. Designed to engage the first chakra, Le Premier Parfum revitalises the physical and primordial through intoxicating notes. Patchouli symbolises fertile earth. Resembling the deep and sturdy roots of a tree, the root chakra provides a life force. It’s the passionate source of sexuality. Lush, succulent and sensuous plum, a top note, settles into the heart of this fragrance. Rum then intertwines with smoky tobacco leaves, Indonesian patchouli and Peru balsam, surging earthly vibrancy through the body. Being also home to the primal sense of scent, this blend of ingredients provokes. Stand your ground. Never forget to be thankful. You alone hold the keys to your desires. Let go knowing all is safe.
Pauline Rochas combines her rich heritage of French fine perfumery with ancient Eastern wisdom, bridging the gap between modernity and tradition. For her, fragrance is the essential reflection, expression and extension of self. Mythology becomes modern with organics, artisanship and minimalist formulas. As a child, Pauline has never forgotten these words: “Only after the last tree has beencut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Then you will find that money cannot be eaten.” That is why an ecological approach is the only way forward. The Seven Collection is a layered fragrant journey that awakens the spirit one chakra at a time.
Honey, Vanilla, Plum, Rum, Tobacco, Myrrh, Resinoid, Indonesian Patchouli Leaf, Peru Balsam.

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