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Le Cinquieme Parfum

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The way to fluency, openness and authenticity.

EFFECT: One’s self expression. Communication. Realising one’s higher vocation. Projecting authentic creativity timeously into the world.

ELEMENT: Ether. Upper pure bright air for an uncluttered mind.

GEMSTONE: Blue Sodalite.

COLOUR: Pale blue.


Choreographed to vitalize the Throat Chakra, the intimate, mellifluous voice of the body that allows energy from other chakras to be expressed, Le Cinquieme Parfum is dramatically potent yet delicate at once. Not confined by gender, it reveals seductive duality, enveloping the spiritual and arousing the physical. Melding the strength of aromatic woods, firy amber, a burst of mint, basil and sage, sun-warmed Italian Bergamot, velvet musks and Somalian incense, conflict melts away and you dare to open up to a life of infinite possibilities.
Pauline Rochas combines her rich heritage of French fine perfumery with ancient Eastern wisdom, bridging the gap between modernity and tradition. For her, fragrance is the essential reflection, expression and extension of self. Mythology becomes modern with organics, artisanship and minimalist formulas. As a child, Pauline has never forgotten these words: “Only after the last tree has beencut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Then you will find that money cannot be eaten.” That is why an ecological approach is the only way forward. The Seven Collection is a layered fragrant journey that awakens the spirit one chakra at a time.
Mint, Basil, Sage, Musk, Somalian Incense, Amber, Italian Bergamot.

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