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Getaway Travel Case Set

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A pair of sleek and elegant Nuori cosmetic bags that seamlessly blend captivating Scandinavian design with a premium touch and unparalleled durability. These modernized beauty cases are perfect companions for today's discerning traveler.

The solid bag can double as a cosmetic bag, while the transparent one is approved for international air travel liquids. A two-piece set of sleek and elegant cosmetic bags.

Vegan leather case: L: 208 / W: 110 / H:120mm​
Inner case:  L: 189 / W: 89 / H: 72mm

This charming set not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom counter or shelf but also proves incredibly practical for travel.
In 2015, Jasmi Bonnén introduced NUORI, a brand embodying the essence of freshly blended skincare. The philosophy centers on crafting the purest formulations with unmatched efficacy. Every aspect of this Scandinavian brand, from sourcing the finest natural ingredients to engaging in small batch production, revolves around delivering freshly-blended, pure products at their zenith. NUORI remains unwavering in its commitment to avoiding synthetic and potentially harmful compounds. Unlike compromising for extended shelf life, altered texture, or distinct coloration, the brand prioritizes the integrity of its formulations.
Outer shell: high-quality vegan leather
Inner lining: canvas and clear TPU

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