Wooden Hair Comb

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A sleek handmade comb for everyday usage that combines beautiful Scandinavian design with a premium feel and exceptional durability. Add ease and beauty to your daily grooming and travel routines.

Ideal for straight and fine hair, as well as for styling bangs. Each comb tooth has been hand-polished which ensures a smooth and comfortable action, that glides effortlessly through the hair without scratching or damaging the hair or scalp.

Comb: L: 182 / W: 35 / H: 4mm
Vegan leather sleeve:  L:188 / W:51 / H:5mm

Gentle Detangling
Scalp Stimulation
When using this comb, remember to handle it with care and a gentle touch. Avoid applying excessive force, even when dealing with stubborn knots. Forcing the comb through your hair can worsen tangles and potentially lead to discomfort at the roots. Instead, opt for a more effective approach:

Divide your hair into manageable sections.
Focus on one section at a time.
Begin with small, deliberate strokes.
By following these steps, you'll ensure a smoother and pain-free experience while maintaining the health and beauty of your hair.
A timeless gift for yourself or your loved ones. Crafted with care, this comb is designed to last a lifetime when handled gently. It's a symbol of sustainable living, helping you say goodbye to plastic while embracing eco-friendliness. Make a lasting impact on your hair and the environment.
In 2015, Jasmi Bonnén introduced NUORI, a brand embodying the essence of freshly blended skincare. The philosophy centers on crafting the purest formulations with unmatched efficacy. Every aspect of this Scandinavian brand, from sourcing the finest natural ingredients to engaging in small batch production, revolves around delivering freshly-blended, pure products at their zenith. NUORI remains unwavering in its commitment to avoiding synthetic and potentially harmful compounds. Unlike compromising for extended shelf life, altered texture, or distinct coloration, the brand prioritizes the integrity of its formulations.
Comb: cellulose acetate (made of FSC/PEFC certified wood pulp)
Sleeve: high-quality vegan leather

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