Mistletoe Hairbrush

Mistletoe Hairbrush
Mistletoe Hairbrush

Mistletoe Hairbrush

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This brush is suited for fine to normal hair types, light curls and Asian hair types when you have easy tangling hair and when it is difficult to brush your hair when it is wet. This detangle brush gently brushes out knots and tangles. It is made of a mix of natural bristles and a medium-strength version of our special “GinaFibra”. The GinaFibra detangles and the natural bristles smooth and nourish your hair by spreading natural sebum along the hair shaft.

This brush is also perfect and safe to use on wet hair after it has been towel dried and on hair extensions. Specially designed for sensitive scalps. No breakage.

The Bristles:

The perfect blend of wild boar hair and GinaFibra medium strength bristles ensures that the hair brush can smooth over tough tangles and knots, yet minimize hair damage and breakage. This energizing bristle structure spreads natural conditioning sebum from root to tip leaving your hair smooth, strong and glossy.

Signature Blue Cushion:

The exclusive blue rubber cushion is produced following a 100 year old artisan technique. Natural rubber reduces static hair and makes brushing comfortable, massaging and stimulating.

Walnut Wood Handle:

The hairbrush handle is handcrafted from the finest walnut wood and protected with a natural, environmentally friendly oil. The natural beauty of the wood patterns make every brush unique.

Your beautiful brush is packed in a luxury box, cleaning brush included (value 24,90 euro)

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