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Unveil a new dimension of summer refreshment with Mariejeanne's Summer Mist, expertly crafted with a selection of the finest natural essential oils.
This luxurious mist envelops you in an invigorating citrus bouquet, instantly transforming any space or attire into a haven of cool, uplifting energy. Ideal for misting over bath linens or anointing yourself as a fragrant pick-me-up, its multi-functional nature offers endless opportunities for rejuvenation. 


Enhances good mood
Fights stress
For instant tranquility, mist this formula in your personal sanctuary, on your luxurious bed linens, or directly onto yourself. Experience immediate calm and a sense of well-being.
A symphony of all-natural ingredients that not only elevate your mood but also redefine your summer experience.
To offer the best perfume, MarieJeanne is involved in every step of the process from planting to the final fragrance.
MarieJeanne creates its scents in the world's capital of perfumery, Grasse. Elaborated with natural essential oils that are carefully sourced, each one has its own character.
Rosemary (France): known for its purifying and stimulating properties.
Mandarin (Italy): invigorating it generates good humor.
Petitgrain (Paraguay): perfect for fighting stress and developing the imagination.
Peppermint (France): it refreshes and softens the atmosphere.
Lavender (France): it provides freshness and well-being.
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