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Keep your nails healthy and shiny with the Nail Buffer Block from Kure Bazaar. The Buffer block is super versatile because they can smooth out ridges, make your nails look shiny and healthy and even help your polish adhere if you choose to wear polish. Each side of the buffer block has a different grit for a different use. Buffing is  mild surface abrasion, so it should not be done too often or too roughly because it could result in thinning or weakening of the nails.

Leaves a attractive sheen to the nails
Simulates blood circulation of the nail
Gives a smoother surface for the polish to adhere to
Side One – File
Use this side to shape your nails. Always work in short, sharp strokes, and only file in one direction. Filing back and forth in a sawing motion will split and weaken the nail.

Side Two – Buff
Use this side to smooth out your nail and buff away any ridges or dips. Pay attention to the ridges though. Usually they are just a normal part of aging but sometimes could be a sign of other health issues. If something doesn’t look or feel right, see a Doctor.

Side Three – Polish
This is similar to the previous buffing step, but a little more vigorously. It gets out all the little imperfections that you might have missed, and makes your nails even smoother. The finer the grit, the glossier the finish will be.

Side Four – Bring out the Shine
It’s amazing how much shine you can get from this step. Gently buff in small back and forth motions until you are satisfied, but don’t press too hard and don’t overdo it.
Kure Bazaar is a French natural nail polish brand. The nail polishes from the Kure Bazaar collection combine an eco-friendly composition made up of 85% of natural ingredients, free of the harmful substances usually found in nail lacquers, with a wide range of colors inspired by the world of fashion. The quality of the products is uncompromised, and the natural Kure Bazaar nail polishes dry quickly, deliver long-lasting hold as well as intense colour and shine. Awarded Best Nail Polish Range and Best Nail Product & Range (for the 100% Natural Nail Polish Remover) at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016; Winner of Best 5-Free Non-Toxic Nail Polish at Stylist Beauty Awards 2016.

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