Dry Brush with handle

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A brush massage using a Dry Massage Brush is incredibly revitalising.

Not only does it stimulate the circulatory system, it also cleans the skin which gets extremely soft and supple as a result. A daily rubbing massage or brush massage not only stimulates your circulation but also tightens your skin!


  • Size: 6 x 14 cm.

  • Material: untreated beechwood for the light version and oiled pearwood for the dark version.

  • Handmade in Germany.


Brush massage has been around since there were brushes. Many cultures know about the healing and revitalising effect of natural bristles on the skin. But it is not limited to powerful strokes of the brush to stimulate circulation: A gentle brush massage in particular allows you to experience a perceptible enhancement of your personal well being. 

Whole body
Stimulates blood circulation
Dry massage is a wonderful way to stimulate the heart, circulatory system and nerves. Always begin the massage on the body parts furthest away from the heart – the feet, followed by the arms.

Massage towards the heart with 3-5 long, strong strokes of the brush. In the area of the abdomen, chest and back, massage clockwise using smaller, circular strokes.

A pleasant, cosmetic side effect of such a massage is a gentle peeling: The massage removes dead cells from the surface of the skin. It is normal for the skin to warm up and redden slightly and a contrast shower after the massage enhances the effect.
Dry brushing while you are too cold or hot is not recommended.
Steamed beechwood

Due to their natural materials, no two brushes are alike. The one pictured may not represent the individual product you will receive. Variations in color and wood grain should be expected.

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