An ode to oil

Kim Maes

When someone mentions oil in a beauty context,
you probably think of a shiny, sticky mess.
Well don’t! 
Because oil is extremely good for your skin & hair and can do a lot
to create a healthy look. 

No, it’s not the same oil that makes your t-zone shiny. That greasy stuff is sebum. Face oils are moisturizers that (surprise!) come in oil form in a pipet bottle. Generally, they provide a bigger boost of hydration than your regular moisturizer. Making them good for high demanding skin.

A dry oil works perfectly as a base for make-up and is absorbed easily and feeds the skin. Foundations and powders go on more evenly and smoothly, giving the ultimate result. You’ll get a lovely glow. We suggest Verso Super Facial Oil  Apply a few drops over your moisturizer.

Problems with dull hair? Just dyed it and now it feels stiff? The right oil can feed hair intensely. Leave it to soak for fifteen minutes (or over night) and then rinse it out well. Your hair will shine, will be nourished and highlights will look even brighter.
F. Miller Hair Oil

Healthy nails start at the cuticle. You don't want dry lines on your nails. If you apply a tiny bit of cuticle oil to your cuticles every morning and evening, you’ll quickly banish them. Most cuticle oils contain Vitamin E, which feeds the nails so they can grow nicely.
Susanne Kaufmann - Nail Oil Nourishing

Pictures: Sofie Coreynen

Models: Milena & Sophie by Be Model Management

Hair & Make-up: Kim Maes

Beauty Habits with Eefje

Kim Maes

I'm the curious type. I want to know a lot, especially when it comes to beauty. What do you use, why do you use it and are you happy with it are a few questions that I ask whenever I get the chance. I might as well ask all the women I like to hear the answers from to write down their beauty routine. So we might end up learning something.

So nice to meet you!

Kim Maes

I really like clean beauty. Brands who are holding themselves to very high standards. Choosing ingredients and formulations that are not harmful to our health. Brands who are not afraid to be completely transparent about their formulations.