Focus On Ine

Kim Maes

I’m blessed with 2 sisters. You already met Eefje in a previous post here and now it’s Ine’s turn.

Ine is a dedicated yogi and running her own yoga studio in Antwerp. She's my younger sister and I used to bully her when we were younger but I really admire her. Not only because she’s so much more bendy than me but I really like the way she goes through life.

She never loses her enthusiasm for what will be the next best thing in her life. She takes risks and even relishes in the chaos of being a mother of 3. Everything she does is with passion, yet in her own rhythm. She never compares herself with others but wants to be the best version of herself.

I think that’s pretty inspiring!



Ine Maes




Yoga / meditation teacher. Founder of Mind in Motion, Yoga Studio in Antwerp.




My tribe, dancing, yoga, meditation, the ocean, the woods, the sun and the moon, books, travelling, people, clean beauty & food, music & my family.

Listens to:

Don’t even know where to begin...

Never without:

The self


Travels to:

Oceans, mountains, city’s and family

Favorite Blos products:

Josh Rosebrook, Face mist – it’s my coffee!!

Josh Rosebrook, Active Infusion Serum – love love love it.

Susanne Kaufmann – Regeneration Cream Line T

Susanne Kaufmann - Enzyme Peel

Verso Anti-Pollution Spray– Not a unnecessary luxury living in Antwerp City.

Ilia: Cosmic dancer and I Put A Spell On You

Gua Sha Rose Quartz

Susanne Kaufmann – Sun Cream Cell Protection

love love love it…


Yoga & meditation

Hug my kids and husband (a lot).

Read a little

Listening to music

Eat healthy

Floss my teeth

Cleanse and hydrate my skin


I don’t have weekly routines


Travel the world, open a retreat center, live by the ocean with the mountains behind me and write a book.

More Ine?

Take a look at her website here or check her Instagram for some yoga inspiration