Focus on Susanne Kaufmann

Kim Maes


I think it's really nice to know the people behind the brands.

I met Susanne Kaufmann during my education in Bezau where she runs Hotel Post with the best spa on the planet. The spa is where Susanne develops organic skincare inspired by the healing powers of Alpine nature. Together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, she developed powerful results-oriented products for the applications in this spa from precious natural ingredients.

Enough reasons to focus on Susanne Kaufmann.


What motivated you to start your own range of organic beauty products?

Susanne: I grew up with the traditional knowledge of plants and medicine and I was always convinced that this knowledge in combination with the latest scientific research would result into fantastic and powerful products. Initiating the research and development of products, monitoring the production process from start to finish ensures the highest quality. It is my passion to find the best ingredients and highest quality for our products.


How does living in Austria influence your craft?

Susanne: Living in the Bregenzer Wald where you grow up with a lot of possibilities concerning all kinds of sports, being active in nature and breath the fresh air around. My grandmother was very into alpine herbs of all kinds and how one could use it for feeling and looking better. This is anyway a strong tradition around here – women and men are very nature orientated – it seems to be in our genes. The overall awakening of sustainability and ecological thinking forward also helped a lot in getting me started. I was just thinking about if there was a possibility of supplying the needs of our spa not from international brands but from our surroundings and our region as we already did it with the products of our kitchen back then. There was this knowledge around, the creams and treats of our grandmothers, all we had to do was to find a way to make it work for a modern up to date Spa concept. 


What does a typical day in your life look like?

Susanne: I start my day at 7 with breakfast with my family. After my kids left for school .I  have one hour just for myself where I do any kind of sport and if possible outdoor activities. Yoga, Pilates, biking, it´s always something different. Before noon I usually have meetings for the hotel or for Susanne Kaufmann organic treats. When my kids are coming home from school we have lunch together around 12:30. After lunch I take care of our guests at the hotel and the SPA, talk to the team or have telephone conferences with our agents and press people. According to how many guests we have I leave the hotel late.


Why is using natural ingredients so important for you? Where and how do you source them?

Susanne: I was always wondering why the cosmetic industry makes a big hype about some ingredients which are actually found in nature but then adds in an artificially form to their products. What is the reason behind it? I wanted to show that nature and modern technologies can have a great effect and don’t harm your health. Most ingredients are sourced in the alps, all active ingredient combinations are sourced and found by our developper and here we always try to be first in new technologies and knowledge.


We love your elegant packaging, what inspires you?

Susanne: Design plays and always has played an important role in my family. My father and my brother are architects, the area where I live is wellknown for it’s unique architectual design approach, I guess all this inspires you. The goal with our packaging was to create a clear, appealing line. Reduction to the essentials. We mainly use glass bottles and glass jars. For travel products, we use recycled plastic produced in Austria or Germany. The inscription is reduced to the minimum, giving the products a modern, unobtrusive, pleasantly self-evident appearance. 


What are your absolute must-haves from the range?

Susanne: I am getting older therefore more interested in anti aging products and I believe that you have to start early to prevent your skin from the first signs of aging.

We just launched the new Advanced Anti Aging System with three core products which combines all the important active ingredients to combat age-related skin damage and incorporates an innovative and patented repair mechanism for cell renewal. Besides this, it fights problems with hyper pigmentation and leave your skin even and with a perfect radiance.