Focus on Sophie

Kim Maes

One of the prettiest ladies I know

Fellow make-up artist

Sister (in law)

Good friend

Mother of my god child

I can go on and on about Sophie but let's say she's a very important person in my life. Radiant, kind, and creative, she has a refreshingly authentic approach to life. 

Living in L.A. with a passion for all things natural, a match made in heaven. Last time I was visiting Sophie, she introduced me to our latest addition, Josh Rosebrook. She's a huge fan of his products and if I can trust one opinion about clean beauty, it's hers. Spending her days mixing the best facial oils ever, she's the best adviser.





Sophie Engelen




Make-up artist




Spending time in nature, books, salt water, self made beauty products, travelling, baby toes, my girls, green beauty, pure food, pure people, meditation, plant medicine, dancing

Listens to:

Sounds of the waves, Ila’s mumbling, Suvi’s singing, rain against the window, every kind of music.

Never without:

My dad’s ring

Travels to:

This list would be too long. All places where the food is good, I can hear the sea or spend time under a tree.

Favorite Blos products:

Josh Rosebrook, Face Mist – I use it everyday!

Josh Rosebrook - Nutrient Day Cream SPF30 - Living in L.A. this protecting day cream is essential.

Josh Rosebrook, Advanced Hydration Masque - This is an instant pick me up for dehydrated skin.

Josh Rosebrook, Lift Hair Texture & Volume - The only natural product that works for my hair. It gives immediate lift to my hair.

Actually everything Josh Rosebrook, this brand is so pure. I just love everything he makes!

Ilia, Cosmic Dancer -  This highlighter takes off 5 years in one swipe, 

Kure Bazaar, Lipstick - This is the perfect red on my nails for any occasion.

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-14 om 09.24.53.png


Waking up at 6 before the rest of my family. 
Meditate for 20 minutes.
Giving my baby girl a massage.
ALWAYS taking of makeup before going to bed. 
Watching the waves. 
Calling or texting with my family in Belgium. 


Going to the farmers market.                                                                                                                         Taking a bath together with my 2 girls. 
Creating my own beauty products. 


Creating my own brand.
The perfect balance for myself and my family preferably in a house in nature or by the sea with a biodynamic garden. 



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