Beauty Habits with Eefje

Kim Maes

I'm the curious type. I want to know a lot, especially when it comes to beauty. What do you use, why do you use it and are you happy with it are a few questions that I ask whenever I get the chance. 

I might as well ask all the women I like to hear the answers from to write down their beauty routine. So we might end up learning something.

We kick off with Eefje. My sister who moved to Miami a few weeks ago. She's the youngest of 4 kids (that's why she doesn't need foundation yet), is head over heels in love (explains the minimalistic beauty routine) and is currently very occupied exploring Miami's hotspots.


I am not one to use excessive amounts of skin care or make up products. Instead, I strive to be a purist and a minimalist whose goal is to use only those natural products that improve my skin and bring out my best features. This simple philosophy is the basis of my beauty routine. 

A new day, an old routine.

I will typically start any day by letting the water run until it’s nice and cold before I put my hands underneath the stream and dive into it head first. This allows my facial skin and myself to wake up although in all honesty coffee is required to complete this task.

My skin can use some moisturizing cream, especially since I moved to Miami and I am exposed to the sun on a daily basis. The struggle against aging skin is fierce out here! I use VERSO day cream with SPF15. On top of this I use an extra sunscreen. The following step is not about what I use, but about what I do not use: foundation. Is it because the gene pool causes my skin to not really need it (on a good day) or is it because I can be lazy (on a bad day)? Who will tell. That being said, I am no wonder woman and if I want to shine I too can use some assistance from my partners: a bit of blush (ILIA, I put a spell on you), soft eye-liner and eye-brow pencil, and mascara. To wrap it all up, I try to use the right scent to tickle the sense smell and compliment the visual package. 

Beauty on the outside gets its energy from within, and so I regularly make my own smoothies and juices. Kale is very healthy and since it is so hip and popular over here I often use it. Here is my favourite recipe: a kale smoothie with pineapple and banana:

1.              ½ cup of coconut milk

2.              2 cups of stemmed and chopped kale

3.              1½ cups of chopped pineapple (about ¼ medium pineapple)

4.             1 ripe banana, chopped

Mix it & drink it!

Any honest woman however will admit that the best part of her beauty routine is wiping the board clean at the end of a long day with a proper make-up remover, I like Verso - No.1 Foaming Cleanser. It has a pleasant texture and prepares my skin for the real deal, VERSO night crème to arm myself for another windy air-conditioned Miami night. 

The best part of a routine is when you do not have to break it. Here, Kim has recently made me an even happier cookie with Verso - No. 1 2 3 Travel Series which allows me to take care of my skin even when I am leaving on a last minute trip. A final discovery I recently made exploring her new shop has been soft on my hands and easy on the eyes: the Stone White Opale Soap. The smell is amazing!

I'm pretty low maintenance on my hair. I wash it with Rahua Shampoo and sometimes I don't even rinse the Rahua Conditioner, especially now when it's exposed to the sun all the time. 

As I have not yet found a great beauty shop over here in Miami, I am still working with the products I brought along from Belgium.  So when Kim starts delivering to the USA, I’ll be the first customer!


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