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Cleansing Clay is a gentle, exfoliating cleaner with mild AHA acids, enzymes and skin-refining pink clay.

Cleansing Clay clears, soothes and cleanses the skin down to the pores. Pink clay cleanses and refines the complexion, apple core extract is rich in antioxidants and exfoliates gently, hibiscus extract is rich in antioxidants and mildly peeling AHA acid for a fresh, clear, rosy complexion. Papaya extract dissolves dead skin cells and has a firming effect , aloe vera provides moisture, willow bark extract has an anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and refines the pores.


Oily skin
Combination skin
Dry skin
Dehydrated skin
Sensitive skin
Acne prone skin
Mature skin
Removes dead skin cells
Gently cleanses
Minimises pores
As a cleaner and gentle peeling: shake about a teaspoon of Cleansing Clay into your palm and add a teaspoon of water with the other hand. Stir the mixture into a smooth paste with your finger and use it to rub the face thoroughly. Then wash off with plenty of lukewarm water.

As a mask: Mix a teaspoon of Cleansing Clay with Floral Essence, a hydrolate or normal water into a smooth paste, apply it to the cleansed face and let it take effect for a short time. Remove the mask with the cleansing clay or washcloth and plenty of lukewarm water before it starts to dry.
Use Cleansing Clay as a super-natural cleansing for the whole body.

Instead of shower gel: stir two tablespoons of cleansing clay with water and rub the whole body with it.

Instead of shampoo: Mix two tablespoons of cleansing clay with hydrolate or water into a smooth paste. Massage the mixture on the scalp like a shampoo, then rinse with plenty of water. Then apply Floral Essence to wet hair and then, depending on the length of your hair, distribute 3 - 5 drops of Master Elixir in the lengths and tips. Then style as usual.

As a dry shampoo: sprinkle some Cleansing Clay on the roots and massage the powder lightly onto the scalp. Then brush well.
With the publication of “The Glow” in 2015, a German-language do-it-yourself cosmetics recipe book modeled on the simplicity of chef Jamie Oliver’s approach to food, beauty maven Anita Bechloch launched an omnichannel brand that reinvented natural cosmetics by making it accessible. The Glow Essentials is a very minimalist series that offers everything the skin needs. If you mix products with each other, you get new ones like a uniform you rearrange time and again.
Pink clay, apple core extract, hibiscus extract, papaya extract, aloe vera, willow bark extract.

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