Body Scrub Mitten

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A handy scrubbing mitten designed for deep exfoliation.

Designed to treat severely dry skin, this handy mitten is roughly textured to exfoliate and revitalize your body in the shower. The all-natural Sasawashi fabric is made from absorbent washi and deodorizing kumazasa plant fibers that prevent mildew growth and fiber breakage. Both sides feature a pilled coarse, sand-like texture that is ideal for buffing away calluses from areas like feet and elbows. 
Dry skin
Stimulates blood circulation
Designed for intensive weekly use, this mitt softens when exposed to warm water and features a corner accent loop for hanging dry after use.
Machine wash in a net with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry.
Sasawashi was established as a solution to the excessive waste and short lifespan of the textile industry. The brand's innovative fabric, made from a combination of absorbent washi paper threads and antibacterial kumazasa plant fibers, offers natural deodorization properties to prevent mildew and fiber deterioration. Each piece in the collection reflects Sasawashi's core values of comfort, durability, and simplicity.
Surface: Washi Paper; Lining: Polyester, Polypropylene; Piping: Linen, Cotton.

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