Delphin & Emerence Peach Blossom Hairbrush

Peach Blossom Hairbrush

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Delphin & Emerence

The most gentle, soft and delicate brush. It is made of the softest kind of natural bristles. Suited for people with thinning and ageing hair and a sensitive scalp, babies and toddlers, people recovering from cancer treatment, chronic pain patients, … We have created it due to popular demand and to address our most delicate clients.

The Bristles

Made from the softest bristles available, this delicate bristle structure protects fragile hair and spreads natural conditioning sebum from root to tip leaving your hair smooth, strong and glossy. Daily brushing feels divine on the scalp, helping to stimulate blood flow & hair growth and is the most gentle drybrush to exfoliate delicate skin, even decolleté.

Signature Blue Cushion

Exclusive blue rubber cushion produced following a 100 year old artisan technique. Natural rubber reduces static hair and makes brushing comfortable, massaging & stimulating.

Walnut Wood Handle

The hairbrush handle is handcrafted from the finest walnut wood and protected with a natural, environmentally friendly oil. The natural beauty of the wood patterns makes every brush unique.

It can also be used as a dry brush gently exfoliating your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and ingrown hairs after epilating or shaving.

This brush does not detangle.

Your beautiful brush is packed in a luxury box, cleaning brush included (value 24,90 euro)

For thin hair and a sensitive scalps.
Strong and durable walnut wood
Handcrafted natural rubber
This brush is also perfect and safe to use on wet hair after it has been towel dried and on hair extensions.
Also suitable for natural, fine hair.
Delphin & Emerence is a made in Belgium high-end hair brush brand. They are passionately in love with hair! They are passionate to create hair brushes that are combining love for brush making with a history of over 80 years of awarded craftsmanship adding a touch of modern knowledge.
Walnut Wood, Natural Rubber, Ginafibra And Boar Bristles.

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