HA KO Paper Incense - Spring, Daphne

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The Paper Incense Spring, Daphne is like a a honeyed breeze, Daphne’s fragrance brings contentment and the serenity of the oak that inspired its shape.

An individually packaged leaf is the perfect introduction to this new form of incense, which was developed over the course of five years by one of Japan’s oldest incense makers. Each leaf can be used as subtle potpourri, giving off fragrance for up to three months, or as incense that burns for approximately seven minutes while cleansing and deodorizing an area.

After lighting a piece of HA KO Paper Incense, blow out the flame and place the smoldering leaf on a felt burner mat, which should itself be on a flat, non-flammable surface. Each leaf will burn for approximately 5 - 7 minutes.
You can place it on a desk, near an entryway, or anywhere a touch of fragrance is desired. HA KO Paper Incense also makes a unique gift for friends and family.
Washi paper, IFRA-compliant synthetic fragrances.

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