Ormaie The Candle Refill

The Candle Refill

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The ORMAIE refills perfectly sit in their porcelain vessel.

Available in 5 scents:

  • SARONG: notes of Patchouli, Bourbon Vanilla, Myrrh
  • PAIN PERDU: notes of Bran, Cedar, Tonka Beans
  • VOILE BLANC: notes of Clementine, Tuberose, Immortelle
  • FIN AOÛT: notes of Cardamom, Fig, Tobacco, Heliotrope
  • 8M2: notes of Eucalyptus, Basil, Mint

The wax and fragrances of the ORMAIE candles are entirely made of natural ingredients.

Dimensions: h 11 x w 12 cm.

The burning time of an ORMAIE CANDLE is 45 to 60 hours.
At the first use, let your candle burn two to three hours so that the wax doesn’t form a cavity around the wick. Each time you light your candle, slightly cut the wick to 5mm high for better diffusion. As our candles are handmade, it is possible that the wick may become misaligned as the wax begins to liquefy. Do not hesitate you can re-center it once the wax has cooled slightly down.
The wax, fragrances, and wicks of the ORMAIE candles are made entirely of natural ingredients, based on beeswax, soya and coconut oil.
A grandfather who sculpted. A grandmother and her flowers. A mother passionate about fragrances. The founder of ORMAIE looks for excellence in art. ORMAIE is a house of creation. It is family-owned. ORMAIE has brought together artists and artisans to write each chapter of its story.

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