Moon Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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Upgrade your beauty sleep with this responsibly sourced 100% mulberry silk pillowcase that helps keep moisture close to skin and hair. Mulberry is the highest quality of silk you can find. 

Penney & Bennett silk pillowcases create a smooth surface for your hair and skin to glide over, with less friction there will be less creases on your skin and less frizz in your hair.

Waking up in the morning will be significantly better.

Come as single pillowslips.

48 x 72cm, with an invisible zip closure.

Fits a standard pillow insert.

Normal skin
Dry skin
Oily skin
Combination skin

Support smooth skin.
Prevents split ends, tangles and frizz.
Anti-inflammatory, helps for acne.

When it’s time to wash your silk Beauty Pillow, fill a bucket or sink with cold water. Add a small amount of laundry soap or gentle detergent. Swirl your pillowslip around in the water and allow it to soak for a minute or so before removing from the soapy water. Gently rinse until all the soap residue is gone.


To dry, allow excess water to drip off. Don’t wring or squeeze, but instead lay your pillowslip over a clean dry towel and gently roll the towel up, allowing the towel to extract most of the moisture from the silk. Unravel the towel and lay the pillowslip flat on a fresh dry towel or place over a clothes horse to air dry somewhere shaded. It’s important not to tumble dry, as this can shrink and damage the fabric.


If you wish to iron your silk pillowslip, please ensure the iron is set on low, or the ‘silk’ setting.


Ensure your silk Beauty Pillow is completely dry before folding and storing away somewhere free from moisture.
Responsibly sourced 100% mulberry silk.

Treated with non-toxic dyes, free from heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents.

Ethically made in a local factory in Auckland, Zealand. By supporting local makers, we know they are treated respectfully, paid a living wage and work in a safe environment.
Penney + Bennett is a New Zealand based lifestyle brand.
With a love for natural textiles, they are committed to conscious and thoughtful design, quality and longevity. They create pieces for the home and lifestyle to sleep lounge and live in, designed and made to be enjoyed for years to come.
Responsibly sourced 100% mulberry silk.

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