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Each incense-holder is unique. Wabi-Sabi incense holders are handmade by Silène Fry for Thelma Paris in limited quantities. Silène is a ceramic artisan who has her workshop in Paris.

Silène discovered ceramics in 2018 when she moved to New York. She began her practice at the Japanese studio Togey Kyoshitsu. For all of her creations her inspirations come from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi which can be defined as the search for beauty in 'impermanence and imperfection'.

The incense-holder is made of black chamotte stoneware covered with a transparent glaze which gives it a warm color that will match your interiors. The hole for the stick is ideally located on the side which allows the ash to settle in the center without difficulty.

Dimensions: about 7cm in diameter.

Thelma Paris was born from the desire to create a place of one's own. Produced in Japan, a country with a unique and ancestral know-how in incense. This unique know-how allows us to have perfectly harmless products that emit very little smoke. The sticks are made with high quality raw materials sourced with respect for the environment.

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