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Bye-bye Botox! 

The Gua Sha Mushroom by The Glow is the perfect tool to work your oils into the skin, especially around the delicate eye area. The cooling, decongestant effect tightens facial features and stimulates blood circulation.

Gua Sha is a centuries-old technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are dozens of different stone shapes. The so-called 'mushroom' is ideal for massaging in your oils. It thus stimulates blood circulation and ensures plumper skin and tightened contours. The mushroom also has a cooling and decongestant effect, especially when applied to the eye area in the morning.

All skin types.
The mushroom should always be used on oiled skin, so that there is no excessive friction and a pleasant massage effect. In contrast to other Gua Sha stones, the use of the mushroom is very simple and intuitive. There is no specific technique to be observed, so it is the ideal tool for getting started with Gua Sha, especially for 'newbies'.

You should briefly rinse your Gua Sha Mushroom with hot water and mild soap after use and then pat dry. We deliver the mushroom in a small bag, so you can keep it safe and clean.
With the publication of “The Glow” in 2015, a German-language do-it-yourself cosmetics recipe book modeled on the simplicity of chef Jamie Oliver’s approach to food, beauty maven Anita Bechloch launched an omnichannel brand that reinvented natural cosmetics by making it accessible. The Glow Essentials is a very minimalist series that offers everything the skin needs. If you mix products with each other, you get new ones like a uniform you rearrange time and again.

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