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Give your everyday routine a luxurious upgrade with the vegan toothpaste from Selahatin in the Amorist flavor. A combination of green mint, peppermint and menthol.

A soft and romantic mint inspired by unstained affection and devotion. Amorist gently fuses green mint, peppermint and menthol, resulting in a restrained expression of a true quintessential.

The toothpaste with antioxidants and fluoride is enriched with officially certified whitening ingredients for a natural whitening result. 

For brighter and lighter pearly whites.


Everyone who likes to upgrade a boring daily routine.
Deep cleansing
Polishing and light-reflecting
For a naturally whiter result use daily for 4 weeks.
For a brighter, and whiter smile, it is best to avoid staining foods like coffee, tea, balsamic vinegar and red wine, but if that sounds crazy, Selahatin toothpaste will come in handy in order to reduce the appearance of the stains and lighten yellowness.
They won’t work as instantly as professional treatments but they are far more cost effective.
Selahatin is founded in 2016 and represents a combination of art and industry. The brand's ambition is to elevate the experience of an essential everyday routine. Selahatin toothpastes are created with inspiring aromas, magnetic aesthetics and clinical performances. All products are made in Switzerland, are vegan and not tested on animals. The aromas of the toothpastes are inspired by the way perfumes are composed and contain four whitening agents that are officially certified.
Betaine is a naturally occuring aminoacid that relieves dry mouth
Leontopodium alpinum is an anti-inflammatory agent that regenerate and revitalise irritated gums
Hydroxyapatite gives teeth a smoother surface
Silica removes surface stains in a gentle way
Sodium bicarbonate safely bleaches the enamel

Aqua/[water], sorbitol, hydrated silica, ci 77891/[titanium dioxide], sodium lauryl sulfate, betaine, sodium bicarbonate, cellulose gum, peg-12, dicalcium phosphate, parfum/[fragrance], aroma/[flavour], glycerin, sodium fluoride, sodium saccharin, hydroxyapatite, synthetic fluorphlogopite, methylparaben, limonene, potassium chloride, menthol, linalool, leontopodium alpinum extract, tin oxide & eugenol.

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